Recruiting Players For An Era


Howdy strangers,
I am recruiting players for an era which resets soon. As of me, I sort of played back during the old days on and off, for some years. I can’t wait to hit back at this game, after all the new changes - forums, new achievements etc. The era would be either a 1 tick/hr or a 2 tick/hr. I don’t remember the password of my old account anymore. However, I do have my second account which was created years ago for casual play. Have won only 3 eras on that one, with 2 ribbons on that account - So yeah, I don’t mind being considered a noob during the start. If you are interested or want further details,
Contact me on skype -
Discord is fine as well, except I don’t know how to add people on it (New to discord). So write me your discord id or whatever it requires to find ya.
Recruiting players who can be decently active, any level of experience is aight. If you have tokens in hand, that always helps.

Love ya lots