Recruiting (new or inexperienced players welcome)

Anyone who wants to join me on E2 lmk (or for other worlds if I have time)

Not super serious but I can help with anything/help teach BD

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hes recruiting for my team, but yeah feel free to hit either of us up :slight_smile:


Hi, Carter.

I saw your post and I’m interested to play with you. I’d like to try if I can win an era with you guys if possible. Anyway, to have an experience playing with you is an opportunity. Moreover, let me know if I’m accepted on your team. I’ll wait for your response. Thank you! :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::joy: See you guys around.

Battledawn is down right now but sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Add me on skype:

live:doodleking1 or Carter ♔
(idk sometimes people can’t add me)


$Doodle King$