Recruiting active members for our clan D.E.M.O.L.T.I.O.N


Hello Everyone! I am Megatron, the founder and clan leader of the young clan D.E.M.O.L.T.I.O.N. We are very active and rank 19th after we founded just 19 days ago. We can’t wait to have you join our team!

Requirements to join:
-Have fun!
-Be yourself!
-Get ready to have lots of laughs and have a great time!
-Rank 7+, & 80+ weekly wins

Message or respond if interested.


I would join, yet don’t expect me to do Arena battles. Only do 5 a day right now. I’m rank 14 now. Golden Psycho.


i would like to join
well im rank 11 right now, one star from being 10
i normally only do 2/3 pvp fight a day, but i log in every day