RECORD of Completing the last campaign


Complete the last campaign of OVERLORD’S DEN in one go without using any kits, provided in Overlord’s Den.

Beat My record of finishing off Overlord in 5mins and 43 seconds.Show proof.

Good luck.




Absolutely Congrats!


I accept the challenge.

There are my actual records:

  • First player to defeat campaign (x2)
  • Rank 1 at level 17 [Lowest Level at rank 1]
  • 58883 Heat [Higest Over Heat]
  • 1039 turns battle [Longest Battle]
  • 816 Damage in 1 turn. [Higest Damage Dealed In One Turn]

The Heat one is now undefeateble since resistance kits are gone. :wink:


:rabbit2: sadly my record was 6 mins… P_P :rabbit2:
so close, but on this campaing will be under 5:30!!!


this time i will win, im on third boss full stars, and you? (mean hard and insane complete with side quest too) :rabbit2:


i’m level 1 two stars

(i’m not trying ._.)


Someone should try to complete Overlord’s Den on Insane difficulty.


Will do soon… was on vacation. So give me sometime…


no kits rememer?
Goooood luuuuuck :wink:


lol. Yea I know. :slight_smile:


danger zone tinys!!! smell like insane, smell like bunnehs, smeell like meh!!!

and i took a shower early today :kissing_closed_eyes: