Reconnect problem


Anyone else having this problem when you select the arena or clan icon? It just does the reconnecting pop up over and over


Having the same problem to. I thought it was my WiFi, but I am connected to it. My wifi is working I guess something is wrong with the their servers. Also this also happens when I try to enter my clan.


I have the same problem!


Yup, when I hit clan…it loads with the grey background for a bit.then you see the “tab1&tab2” just recycling over and over


Wow, in the short time I’ve been playing this game, there has been many server related problems


I got this problem, too, now.
I just bought 8 hour premium account to do my 5 battles today and now this:


Dude, I hope they make it right


I feel so bad that you tokens maybe wasted


Sorry to correct you but its called tokens, not gems.


U having the bug too?


Luckily, I’m clean, no issues for me.


what platform do you use?


I’m using mobile…are you using pc?


Ah! Back to the glitchy phone app. Nah, I’m on my PC now.


hmm… i’m using my pc as well


I know for a fact it’s not my access point/wifi network…I’m using my cell data/Verizon and same issue


I’m reconnecting…
PEOOPLE i wanna kill someone, mach schon.


Well, at any rate, I do hope you guys can get back on, soon!


Arena bug for sure…


haha is funny because i like people.