Recommended Upgrading Stages


For the longest time, players have been telling me that it is always a good idea to fully fuse a mech’s torso first, before anything else…

In the previous update, I was not able to do that because of lack of upgrade fuel. Now, all I got a handful of items for upgrade fuel and got my first torso up to a maxed mythical (grim reaper).

Now, what next? Should it be the drone? The legs? The currently installed weapons? I have one potential mythical module (heat engine)… which would you recommend?

I’m thinking legs… to get more HP in. Though some added firepower wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I would say legs, drone and 1 wep. More HP, the drone you use most often in the battle (it shoots several times, so maxing it out gives you a huge impact) and pick the weapon that is your main armament - the one you use most often. In this way you may reap the benefits faster, with bigger impact. Then max out modules (heat engine), but bury in mind modules stats upgrade every 3 levels. So the heat engine goes +3 heat and +3 cooling only after 9 levels…

Also keep in mind the modules are due to a nerf… anytime soon… so i wouldnt touch them at all i i were you.


I believe in this order:

  1. torso 2. legs 3. modules (heat and energy) 4. HP modules 5. drone 6. accessories 7. weapons

Because … it may happen that during the time you are using to improve torso, legs and modules, decide to change weapons or appear some other weapon that you didn´t expect. Or an update, why not? And that way, you can always change your mech until the last moment.

I hope it isn´t nerf Pasha … I hope it´s to increase the capacity of these…

I think it really depends.

Torso is, of course, really high priority but there are a lot of other factors such as:

  1. Everything hits big diminishing returns. Upgrading mythical items is incredibly expensive item/gold wise whereas taking a good epic to a low level legendary is not.

  2. You may not have the best items, and therefore they aren’t worth upgrading all the way. For example, the core Sith would n’t be worth taking to mythical right now – better to wait until you find a core with stronger potential.

  3. Fusion efficiency is worth taking into consideration. It’s worth allocating to the most efficient items or second most efficient group of items when you can. For example, IIRC, a rare item gives 1760, 1936 or 2112 depending on item type. IMO it’s almost always worth getting at least the 1936 through item type or color.


Thanks everyone for your recommendations.

At least I know that I am somehow on the right track. :thumbsup: