Receiving many power unit at once

Hi, i’m getting some silver boxes and have been getting one power unit every box i open… really, every box has one, even if come as a bonus…Is that normal?

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Ahahahaahahaha, my god, i thought i was the only unlucky guy but wow '-'
Btw, in which level things like nightall start to drop? because i’m level 102 and nothing so good like that dropped yet for me in silver boxes :confused:

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O-o you’ve never gotten a Nightfall?..I have a spare Mythical Nightfall that I would give to you but cannot

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No, i have very bad luck, idk why, must be myself, oh well, i’m gonna keep going till i make my mech as i dreamed, then i make a second to play the campaign :slight_smile:


what’s that?

Only energy one :smiley:
I think you saw my post telling how i wanna make him, but will be one hysteria, one last words, one malice beam, one bulldog, Naga and lightining supporters for legs… ah, wanna use face shocker as drone…

Right now i have the naga, the malice, the last words, the hysteria, had a face shocker but wasted him(didn’t know he was one of the best drones of energy)… its missing lightining supporters, bulldog and the drone… about modules i have one HP, one for armor and 3 for heat and energy, which 2 of them must have regeneration and cooling.

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oh yeah…I remember

A few minutes ago

7 power kits!!!..Damn

These are back to back purchases

aand here i thought i was unlucky :smiley:


Not at all. I made a test account maybe 2 weeks back, and silver boxes dropped a power kit literally every time. Guaranteed. And since this latest box nerf, that happens on the account I actually use as well…

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Oof…this is bs.
To much power unit’s…
This must be a bug.

It had better be… The possibility that it isn’t is disturbing, to say the least.

Isn’t power unit’s usles?
Let’s see…

  • Yes lol
  • I have no idea
  • No

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