Rebuilding HardToKill


As many of you know HardtoKill has had a bug that lasted for months.Most players jumped ship on us. We have 10 very good loyal players but need to add 14 more.

So ask yourself…are you Hard To Kill ? if answer is yes…we may have a spot for you. :slight_smile:

What we are looking for…we ask you to be at least around top 70 or better. Also, must be able to get at least 100-200 or more wins per week.

We dont care for accounts from romania :frowning:

If interested see HappyPoppers on top rank chat :slight_smile:


I believe that I am HTK material :slight_smile:


So am I, but what is the clan name?


I sent you a request


Same…waiting for at least 10 hours…


Calm down everyone, he’s not that desperate for players.


I am HTK’s
Could i?


I didnt know Lenny was a midget.


Yea. U can call me The Imp or Half Man


pets the midget :slight_smile:


sent a request been waiting a month


deci esti roman nu ???/ interesant


You can wait forever because that function is not working for a year or more.


can i join hard to kill clan my supermechs user is danny123 i would like to join hard to kill


can i join hardtokill clan


can i join your clan please


i want clan in**:triumph::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::unamused:**


hi joshua ill get in before you


can i join you clan hardtokill :cry::cry::sweat::disappointed: