Reason why its good for buisness to invest more in BD

BD is an awesome game we all love it . its sad when its not given much attention as its old. Its the duty of the developers to make it competitive with newer games . BD has a great concept. It is also benifical to spend more on Bd . The players who play BD and buy reds tend to spend more in it than other games even if its older than others. Getting more players will result in more boosters(the ones who wish to spend as much as they can.) So my point is that if BD is developed like modern games iam sure it will repay its cost …

There u go.

But yeah i still don’t know about the game and never tried it…
I think…that i will try it on future.

U made me do this :frowning:

Cuz it’s awsome idea.

No sarcasm

you need money to do this

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Title says invest which in most contexts means money

Not only money, time and resources too

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But still includes money


It is sad that it is beginning to decline, but that is normal for a game so old. No game can last forever.

And most of us have good enough memories of BD that we will still remember it for next 10-15 years. :slight_smile:


It’s a tricky balance. The idea of a browser-based persistent MMO environment is definitely a dated one - to me, BD exists in the vein of other environments like Runescape, Habbo, etc (obviously we’re much smaller). I actually found BD originally from a banner advert on a now defunct runescape forum, when I was about 17.

RS and Habbo are maybe interesitng case studies, because Runescape is now largely populated by old players looking for a retro game, and Habbo continues to turn over a lot of new users. Both are successful in different ways (and both have experienced a shrinkage in their userbase over time).

I think we’re currently closer to RS in that respect. What we have is pretty retro, and quite a unique gaming experience to be honest. The problem is that every new idea costs time and money to explore, and there are only so many wrong turns we can make. We’re a small company, after all.

I don’t have all of the answers, sadly. I wish I did.


Any single player game can last forever.

I know it’s not the case of BD, but i think that should be mentioned.

I dont know if this deserves its own thread, but I think that a good way to hang on to returning players would be by rewarding them with blues, as well as rewarding persistent long-lasting players for sticking with the game.

Thats the same way i found bd