Really weird bug

I was switching my 1st mech with my 4th mech (my goat mech) and I noticed that my goat had snipers on it somehow switching the mechs spots duplicated my snipers. I should only have 2 maxed snipers but now I have 4.

Now I switched them again and the 2 extra ones disappeared.

Ok I got it to do it again notice the mechs weight. All I did was switch my 1 mech in the mech storage with another using this button in the combat start screen

and when I switch them back they disappear and also are not on the mech in combat.

Is it some kind of graphic glitch? because once you move them they disappear.

Same happenned to me yesterday… I was so happy for two minutes.


I dont have more than one mech. Unsure if this works with only one mech

It would not work with one mech because you have to switch them from spot to spot, one with the other mech and it seems to be a graphical glitch parts of one stick to the other then disappear when you try to move them.

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Have you tried activating the bug and using the mech in campaign or something? To see if its just visual or if it actually is bugged to the point of the weapons being usable?

yes the extra items do not show in combat and have disappeared when i get back to the workshop. It is a graphical glitch.

Yea that glitch has been here a long time if you catch it just right it will show.
I had it happen to me in the old game, haven’t looked for it in the new game, but you found it :wink:

Break out the can of RAID bug spray again.

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