Realistic item changing (not fake this time)

So, I don’t like how the item changes when you replace it. The item just pops up. Here is what I think how should it look: when replacing weapons (both side and top weapons) a mechanical hand comes from the side and takes the old weapon, and then another mechanical hand appears and places another weapon. When changing legs, some mechanical hands appear and take of the legs and another ones hold the weapons and the torso. Then mechanical hands replace the legs. When changing torso, those hands appear and take the torso, while other hands are holding weapons (legs are staying down). Then hands replace the torso and put back the weapons. When changing modules, mechanical hands open the torso, take out the module, and replace it. Then those hands shut the torso. Same goes for specials. Except, torso opens at a different spot.

I hope you like my idea. Vote :slight_smile:.

  • I like it! Implement!
  • Not so bad, it would be good.
  • Nah, is not so good, don’t implement it.
  • Is terrible! Don’t implement it!
  • Lol no reason to vote

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This sounds great however I can’t imagine how difficult and time consuming it would be to implement and considering this would only be an aesthetic update instead of actually fixing bugs I’m going to have to go with a no. :confused:


:frowning: (20 characters limit)

Would be like the special death animations

i like the idea
but it would require another workshop "upgrade"
by mechanical hands would be easier use grappling hook animation, grapplings take items from sides and put new1s from above

since dont have nothing to do with bugs devs gonna do this dont u think x,D

Excuse me what?

Character Limit was a mistake

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