Real "ladder" and arena play incitative

How about a new game type where you have to climb the ranking ladder against AI controlled player build.

For example, each week you start against a player ranked 100 spots lower than your rank ( based on the last tournament spot) and you climb one spot every time you win until you’re not able to advance anymore. ( or even get to #1 by beating the best mechs out there, but AI controlled)

It would be a fun alternative to go against different builds… and compare where you can climb in this mode vs real players in arena.

And for an incitative to play arena, how about simply giving a premium box every 50 match? ( ranked of course)

  • That would be very fun
  • I don’t get it
  • No I don’t like new things

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So Arena + Raid + Campaign…?

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Raid and campaign are the same thing dressed differently… It’s neither fun nor exiting

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the poll is wrong why let peeps choose all

Damn, its my first poll posted, I was proud of that until you ruined everything :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I can’t modify it, only a moderator can… any moderator in the room?

How about a “I already suck at raid” option?

I like your idea.
What I don’t like is your heat monsters haha

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Actually, a moderator can not edit a survey (and if they could, they would eliminate all the votes in the survey) :confused:

You can edit a survey 5 minutes after creating the survey

Ok so I’ll rely on the good will of the community and ask to vote for only one option!

we’re screwed

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I like this idea - the more prem boxes we get the better, seeing how you kinda need rare stuff to get up high in leagues; and having a way to measure your mech’s power precisely seems like quite a nice thing to have. Although if this became a thing, I’d suggest having the option of going against physicals, energies, or heaters - that’d give you 3x as many options for starters, and it’d let you get even better power measurements. I like this idea!

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