Reading material: ce2


Every several months when im bored and no one is spamming me too hard, in between ticks I enjoy going back and reading the huge thread on CE2. The absolute chaos is awesome to think back on and see so much deceit, propaganda, flame, and enormous brs. It’s nice to see how prominent some players were back then that are no longer around, and also add context to some of those players that still linger now.

If you have some time, you should give it a read:

Especially for newer players, it’s a worthwhile read to maybe see some tactics on warfare and maybe learn a thing or two.


It’s a shame the old forums aren’t still around, you’d like what you’d find.


they are still around. what i linked is the specific CE2 forum thread, but you can go around and read everything else


I’m talking about the old old forum, it’s completely gone.

It was



There have been 3 forums in BD’s life, that is the second one.