Re leveling 150

soon i’ll be lvl 150 … i had an idea … that players who reach lvl 150 can reset their lvl to 1 again … so they can lvl up again so they don’t feel bored … maybe you can add some +% for players who reset … or they can get free box for every 10 lvls … it’s not easy to get lvl 150 anyway so i think that’s fair … maybe

You know that you have to be certain lvl to unlock module slots and other stuff


lvl 30 will be enough to unlock them all i think ?u can lvl up 30 so easy

It is not a good option to have an option to go down to level 1 it is much better that the Developers put 50 levels…


youre thinking of a pristeige, and in this game it would probably work more as a complete reset with certain perks, perhaps a percent increase in attributes equal to or half of what youve bought in the arena shop. But either way youd be restarting with nothing or close to it. Is that really worth to you?

it used to be a max of 30 @lanxter

Prestige level reset to level 1 but you have some advantage when you reset your level Bonus or Plus

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I am al for the reset but only with two conditions.

  1. It is a choice. You can reset but you do not need to.
  2. It is a complete reset. That means you will lose ALL items you currently have, too, and then you start campaign from the beginning again.

Otherwise this is no reset but only a demand for more free tokens and such from leveling up again.
And for that having the level reset to 1 is not needed.
TS could simply add some more levels on top - like up to Level 200 or 250 instead of 150 as max level.

This makes it pointless to even play the game anymore???

A reset would allow people to run through the campaign with their current mechs, and not be bored farming the same bullshit over and over.


In short, this idea would destroy the game -_-


It allredy destroy’d my acc.
Facebook needs to die.