Re-balance the Matching Systems..Please?

Hey Supermechs…I know you are not reading this and this is just a bother for me but
Could you Balance the Matching system???
Cause it is 100% F#CKED

The match making system uses a simple ladder system to work out who fights you. If you are a top player ideally you always want to fight other top players however they aren’t always in the que, online or are already playing against someone.

Therefore its a question of how long are you prepared to wait for a good game? Currently i feel the system matches you quite quickly but yes it can match a top 100 player with a top 2000 player and this can be quite harsh to both parties.

So would it be better if the system took longer to search and it ended up taking 2 min for a top 1000 player each time? or even longer to make sure you are playing someone who is within 100 ranks of you?

I imagine that for the majority of the Supermechs getting a game under 30 seconds is ideal in all but the top ranks it may not be so.

If you have a suggestion on how to improve the system try making a post and explain why the system would be better.

I’m not a tacticsoft staff member, just a forum mod

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Apologies, Just seen another post by yourself and realised you are around ladder rank 10.

Perhaps you could share your mech here and uses could give you advise on how to improve it?

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well…this are the facts why i think it’s FCKED

  • Every where,Bots That are supposed to be in rank 5 are in rank 10

  • Everytime i win,on the next match i always lose

  • Finally,My weapons are good but please NERF THE ELEC BUILDS they are growing too overbalanced,especially at rank 9 and lower