Rate My Mech out of 10


i do have nightmare and zarkares torsos maxed


7 out of 10. Dawnblaze and supreme canon are damage based, while corrupt light is heat based. If your drone is swoop, it is not going to work out, as swoop is only good for mass heaters. I would suggest using zakares as your torso, to soak up dmg, but change out corrupt light for an abomination, if you get one. That will greatly balance out your mech. Also, try for more health and heat cap, as I assume you are rank 4 or rank 3. That is all for now, @Aador_Dasgupta


hey buddy
thanks for 7 out of 10
i use clash drone
and the status u see gets reduced to 280 energy and 150 regen when i use zarkares


and i am rank 7 because i only face rank 3 and 2 and even 1 sometimes
go and find the topics i made for unfair matchups


also i could keep twistedflux and remove currupt light


reason why i am not using zarkares


ahh kk I got it now, but Windigo is still good for phs mechs. BTW If you do 2v2 battles, that mech will be rekt by a good energy mech


ok so should i keep zark instead of windigo


hold up, I did not see the twisted flux, if you get a sorrow then, change it. Clash is not a good choice for a half damage half heater. A better choice would be the heat torment


hey i mean i can easily remove the currupt light
i can swap it for twisted flux
or mercy


nonetheless, that physical mech is good. The corrupt light should stay, and then get on or off a one push weapon


see i have anihilation too so if u say i can swap anihilation for mercy and put the mercy on my heat mech


thats a good idea, but I see a nightfall, and trust me, mercy is better than twisted flux in any case. Also, mercy doesn’t take energy or heat.


so should i put mercy on my heat mech


I also rate your mech 7/10. It really needs some close range heat push weapon, like reckoning or abomination. I think you can use terror cry for pushing by the time you get one of the weapons mentioned above. Also, all your weapons are energy based and your energy stats are not very good. You can get drained by just one vailant and malice/hysteria. Your regen is decent as for heat mech, but I would suggest adding more. 2x energy engine + energy booster will be more than enough (I use such setup and energy mechs have hard time vs me). Your heat stats are also average.




hmm… your right. Try to max out a sith or naga. Both are good energy torsos. Grimreaper is good for energy cap, not regen


wait let me put a screen shot


kkk still, very nice mechs


mercy is a bit over weight
can u please upload a screen shot for a good build i can make with these items