Rate my mech: Honest opinions


I have been playing on this acc for roughly 5-7 months, and I have made INSANE progress. I’m also P2W. Rate my mech.

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Honestly, you don’t need 6 weapons…

Try either a BackBreaker, Dual Nightfalls and Night Eagle or BackBreaker, Annihi, Nightfall and Night Eagle weapon setup, it would free up some space for utilities and mods…

Also, what are the utilities and drone equipped ?


Tonto, advanced teleport, epic grappling hook, and charge.


You don’t need to fill all the box duh


The health is kinda meh.
Claw and Brutality.That combo I use for myself.
BackBreaker,Dual NughtFall and Night Eagle,again,that combo I use for myself.
Not maxed.
Epic modules.
2 mod spots left.
Very poor core stats for a mythical tier mech.Almost everything’s myth apart from the mods and 2 weapons (though not primary combo weapons).
Regen boosters?Really?
That energy engine is as useless as it gets.Why not remove it altogether and fill something actually useful in there?
Talking about removing things,too many weapons,too little mod care.

Those energy stats are wasted weight.Better remove all energy mods altogether and orient it to heat/phys,not a rounded.Like that,you’ll have no need for an energy-free weapon,which makes the Annihilation useless on that mech.Drop the Anni,since you won’t need it on an oriented mech,plus that it’s already in range with your primary combos.
You might want to drop the Reckless,as well,but if you wanna keep it,that’s fine,too.

For a myth tier mech,it’s really bad.Those stats are way too low.If your mech has so many myths,then I think your mods should be at least level 20 legendary.
I give it a 5,50.


Any decent heater or energy player will destroy you easily. You have way too many weapons. I suggest removing one of the nightfalls or the annihilation. You can keep reckless beam if you want, but personally, I would remove it.

Your core stats as stated earlier are complete garbage, no offense. One heatbomb or emp and u’re screwed. Immediately upgrade your engines and boosters to legendary tier. Once you gain enough engines, replace the boosters with them. Also, use a common tp as you won’t be using tp to deal damage and the common tp uses less energy than the advanced one.

Otherwise, the weapons setup is pretty good for a phys mech and I like your classic combo of nightfall and nighteagle. Since this mech is looking more like a phys heat counter, put in and max your heat resist mod and forget about being “rounded”.


well playing 5-7 months as a P2W player, this isn’t insane progress and in fact it’s pretty sad. as a F2P player, i’ve had an account for 6 months and got it up to about rank 6-7. Not only would this mech get wrecked by basically most heat and energy mechs, but considering the number of uses per item and health you got, the mech probably almost never lasts long enough to get that many uses of each weapon thus you’re wasting a ton of weight. i’ve consider at most 4 weapons for a physical build. currently, i’d rate this at around a 4.


looks like piece of cake even without emp or heat bomb


its mechs and good has some mythical parts plus the moltens are crap




This is what i’m aiming for:

I do have legy zark, but only lvl 1, as i’m working on modules. Zark is right after.


i would take away the reckless beam


Replace with night eagle


Here you go @destroy8839III



yah that better.
i would use this build as a recommendation build to other phy people.


But… with that claw, and no anni, ENERGY MECHS would dominate me.


Oh, and no, it’s not 2 nightfalls on my mech. It’s anni, nightfall, terror cry, backbreaker, reckless beam, night eagle.


Get rid of the Reckless Beam, and make what KilliN said to, it’s a Good heat / Phys Counter although maybe a little more cooling would do, This is what I’m thinking…you wanted Annihilation right?


Yes… that seems to work, altho what would the rank be, just asking.


Like, just average rank.