Rate my future build! + What should I myth later?

So, this is going to be my future build:

Stats (Maxed):
2219 HP
460/190 Energy
490/196 Heat
Standard resists

After Zark, what should I myth?

  • Energy Module
  • Heat Module
  • Charge Engine

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Thanks for the input! :grinning:

How about showing your stats?

charge is vital for nightfall+mercy. Nightfall is range two, which charging gets you into. Mercy will push your enemy into range 2 at range 1. Change nightfall with annihalation, and max everything out. Your good to go!

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Was about to say the same thing,more or less.
Get an Annihilation.Either put it on (find a way to make enough room for everything) or replace the Mercy (for you’ll also have a bit more room for something else).
That type is pretty much a puller,while Mercy is a pusher…

Why Annihilation? I’ve tested it out before and it DEFINITELY does not work, in fact, it’s counter intuitive. I’m pushed out of range 1-2 enough already. Mercy is for SeraphBlade/Dual Annihilations abusers and for getting out of sticky situations, too. It also has higher average damage than Annihilation. Later on, NightEagle will most likely be replaced by another NightFall.

Btw, I just mythed my Zarkares.

Personally, I see Mercy is better than Annihilation (in my situation). I’ve seen enough of these mechs get murdered by people who stay at range 1.

Myth your charge.
Your heat and energy is just ok.

If you get 3 premium plates than use intercepter it looks cool :sunglasses: