Rate Above Player's Mech (Revived)

I think its time I brought back an old thread I ran on the old forum for OG SM now that everyone has got a mech thrown together. the premise is simple:
first you rate the mech of the poster directly before you out of 10, you can give them some comments, tips for improvement, areas where they are especially strong or weaknesses that may cause problems for them in certain situations etc. etc.
next, you post a screenshot of your mech, the mods and the weapons for the next poster to rate.

I’ll start off with mine:


Thank. I cumed my pant/10

Dank modules, mate. I wish i had more than 1 item maxed. But im nob compare 2 u

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This is my WIP heat/physical mech

As for Kaen’s mech, like mine, it needs a lot of work. I think the Infernal Axe + Heat Boots combo can work but really it’s all about those corrupt lights. I would give it a 6 or a 7 at the moment.


The WTF are this is the Shield Slot, a legacy feature which can be still used in Reloaded…

A Shield reduce the amount of damage you get by generating heat or depleting energy depend on the amount of HP saved

Like “absorb 30% of the direct damage you get, generate 3 heat every 5 damage reduced”


it was a joke, YGGM.

I know, I did that as a “lmao look at this old relic” comment.

By the love of liran what is this


Yeah with that much tokens you could make a 10/10 mech instead of the current one.

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