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Some items are a lot rarer than others.

I suggest adding an item shop in which you could trade one item for another. For example:

At the moment you can only get an Epic HP Shield (Iron Plating) from normal boxes. I suggest that in this new shop you would be able to trade a random Mythical item for a Legendary HP Shield. This way (Mythical for Legendary trade) the rare items would maintain their exclusivity and at the same time they would be more accessible.


First thing: Wrong section. Please move it to Supermechs Ideas and features.

Second, this idea shouldnt be put into place because, as sad as it is, the gambling/chance part of this game is the only thing that makes f2p players anything close to p2w players. With this implemented, anybody who pays would be able to just quickly make mythicals and get legendaries cashed in.


And anybody that plays for free would just be able to grind to get them legendaries.

I think the gap betwen f2p and p2w players would stay the same. The game would just gain an extra feature - everyone benefits, even the admins who would get some extra cash.


If you don’t have a lot of time to farm campaign or if you don’t pay,you’ll only be “left behind”.


The thing about this idea is that platinum plating would be accesible to everysingle player now- then it becomes a question of who has more.

Platinum plating is a huge source of the unbalance in the game, and I think a better solution to this problem would be the idea of iron plating, platinum platin,g and a third one, called steel plating, that starts at epic and goes to legendary.


In the scenario you just described, you are “left behind” already so in that regard the game balance doesnt change for you if this feature is incorporated.
Would you agree that you would actually gain something? Like everyone else you would have a higher chance of gaining certain items.

1.) Platinum plating is already accessible to everyone. At the moment the only two points of access are either TokenBoxes or Admin rewards. With adding this feature we would simply add a 3rd option.
2.) As things stand at the moment it already is “a question of who has more.”

I like this idea. An alternative solution to my example. Would you agree that the same solution would be useful also in the case of resistance modules?

However my source of grief is much wider. On my primary account I have recently upgraded my last item to mythical. I stand at a crossroad.
1.) The only way for me to optimise my 2 mechs is if I get some rare items. Im trying to higher the chance of this with this post.
2.) Start building a 3rd mech. Which isn’t that sensible for me because I already have a 2nd account.
I made a tackle at this game development opportunity in this topic - Multiple Mech Battle

In any case, last chapter of 2mech Campaign is coming out tomorrow & I’m sure the game developers have some interesting updates lined up after that.


Well the thing is, while platinums are technically accesible to everyone, that might not be the case

For example, @Rovolution I believe used thousands of tokens to open packs, and not once did he get a platinum… (which is good news for the other top players, cause rovo with platinums would kick ass…)
Many others have tried very hard to get this item that eludes them so much
(while one person got 3 platinums in 24 hours…)


transform any mythical for a plat plate? lol dream on dude


I’ve spent easily 25k tokens … no PP

Sadly since my last big “investment “ I played much less and I’m starting to lose interest…

Still playing … but I’ve started looking elsewhere…