Ranking underutilized

I wish the ranking system had high scores for each rank.
Like #1 rank 2 and #1 rank 3 as examples.
Then people could pick a rank they like and try to be the best in it.


I like the idea and I like your doll.

This is a good idea.

“pick a rank,” you say? So you can stay in rank 2 and be the best in that rank?

Is the increase in rank purely by choice of the player?

Does that mean that a fully-fused mythical mech can rule rank 2 undefeated?

Rank system dont good now.

Good example win/losses bug, and KD players from 3,4,5 etc. ranks.

Now its very easy to up ur rank, but after this you will get an opponent 2-3 times stronger than you.

And finally we see players with 100 wins 200 losses. Go to 2 rank and you will get a hundred such.

This game is played not only by players from top clans. You need to think about others, too.

This is addressed to developers.


That is a good point, maybe have it instead of just stars you move up with streaks and stars once you get all the stars and you get a massive streak say of 50 or 100 you are automatically moved up to a higher rank out of your chosen rank.
I really don’t know the answer my main thing is to post about it so the community can tell tacticsoft there is a problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps add more “star” range?

I also don’t know.