Ranking system is really a bad idea

as all of you know,every time the league end,you go back to rank 5 if your rank 1 and rank 10 if you are rank 5
This system is so bugged cause every time the weak players get to rank 5 they get destroyed and goes back to rank 7
they need to improve the system

  • Yeah they should
  • Nah they should leave it the same

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It’s not like that, you go back based on how many stars you collected I think…I was rank 4 last season and collected 60 ish stars, now I’m rank 6 when new season started. But this ranking system is ok, atleast I’m able to fight someone without waiting for days

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It’s not that bad.

I do like the rewards each week. Unlike in the previous version, we earn nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, it’s tougher getting to rank 1 now, but yeah, not that bad.

Just earn a lot of stars so you don’t get sent back too much.