Ranking Sistem and Pads


**Hello :slight_smile: oh, More players have this problem… We can have 500 wins, be in top 1. Ok, but if we lose that we will down like 20-30 position and in the most situations those loses come becouse of pads. The old ranking sistem was much better ( more wins an your top was assigured)… So we ( players) will apreciate if SM Team will think about it and will do something to remove pads and change ranking sistem. **
** Game will be more fun with some changes ( not only graphics and items add)**

Killa RxF


It would also be nice if you guys could actually share more information on how the ranking system actually works (preferably with numbers), rather than just a generic “higher ranked players are worth more”.

Security through obscurity = Bad.


Yes, that will be great… but much great if they change new ranking with old one :slight_smile:


Pads gotta go. When they were introduced im sure they were fun and interesting, but they wouldnt really give huge unfair advantages. Only 10 -20 points here and there. Nowadays however they decide games. That’s beyond absurd.
Also the current system is better than the old one. U can play 1000 games but if ur a noob and ur not beating the top players then why do u get a medal?
The drops in rank need to be less stiff that is all. Mass wins leads to co-piloting and no one wants that.