Ranking List shown wrong


Please @Mohadib @SilverBox @Berserk40000 fix the Ranking List :exclamation:

A game, where players play for rankings, BUT see all the time a wrong Ranking List make no sense :exclamation:

I started to report it at Liran times, yo this issue is now really for years and very annoying if you play for medals :exclamation:

I think after all this yeras, where this issue exist, it is time now to fix it :exclamation:

Here some links also about the Ranking List and its issues …

Expert Point System Changes
Online glitch from tacticsoft

you missed the topic … it is about RANKING (ranking list), not rating

this is a Bug & Issue thread, so if you have any problems about my doing, pm me, and do not spam this topic with your problems, feel free to make your own thread

if you claim something, it makes no good picture, if you hide clan and in-game name, whatever reason you have for



Something is wrong with you :exclamation:


Reported :exclamation:



Ye. like how the top guy had 150 arena points and one dude below them, 6th place I think, had 163. While all the others were below 163.


@Mohadib @SilverBox @Berserk40000

Here also a great example (BESIDE that every player see a different ranking list / is shown a different ranking list, which should be fixed since years) …

10th @HappyPoppers 133 Arena Points
13th Darkstare … 153 Arena Points

… it can’t be that hard to let sort a Ranking List about Arena Points AND to show ALL players the SAME list :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:



i think happy poppers is supposed to be in 20-30 not at that hmm so much bugs lately
hey @bestplayerintheworld where you at?


Here the best example, 2 different ranking lists shown at the same time / screenshot taken at the “same time” …


(not exactly same time, but the players didn’t lost all their ranks in a few minutes, its the issue, which shows wrong ranking list, for different players, depending where you are self at the ranking list)


They are never going to change it, people have been complaining about this bug in the old forums.

And they would listen now???

Don’t waste your time on stuff like this


Just figured out, it is still not fixed …

Ranking list (Top10) from view of @Wepwawet as 19th placed player …

Ranking list (Top10) from my view as 43rd placed player …

Both screenshoot made within a few minutes (4 days and 9 hours left of tournament) AND NOT even 1 player from the Top 10 were online (first screenshot), so NO change was possible in the few seconds between the screenshots :exclamation:

Simple as this Bugs & Issues thread shows … an Issue showing wrong Ranking List (since years now) :exclamation: