Ranking Kills in the Community Tab


Hey there

to start it off, im a BIG fan of huge kill counts, MASSIVE Battle reports of 1000s of units clashing etc

I’ve already suggested this idea to tom back in 2016, but it didnt get any attention…
Ranking players in terms of their kills i mean.

Just like , How players are ranked by score

I’d like to suggest adding a Kills tab and Rank players according to it, with their kill count :slight_smile:
Ofc , there shouldnt be any reward for top kills
Since it could get farmed…
But still adding this feature would bring more variety into the game …
Now there will be people fighting just to get into the top kills ranks :slight_smile:

Also it would be easier to find who has the most kills on the map :smiley:


Love this idea so much.

Another cool idea would be another hall of fame where players are ranked based on the difficulty of the era they fought in.

It would have to have metrics such as units killed, outposts taken, length of era, conquers, etc.


Yes!! that sounds cool

I’ve suggested a complete change in the UI of the community tab

Maybe the admins will consider this


As cool as this would be, the issue is it would likely cause a lot of heated debate on what exactly makes up a difficult era. Yes, we can make standard metrics, but sometimes, those don’t really show just how difficult the era truly was. Two extremely proficient teams may actually have low stats because of how good they are. Think about all the OPs razed and units disbanded by good teams. There’s a lot that could factor in and make this very hard to truly determine.

However, i think the kill count rankings would be awesome. Personally, I’d like it if we could expand the UI a bit for the scores and make each title clickable to rank. Basically meaning, if you click on name, it’ll alphabetize (same with alliance). If you click on power, it’ll rank based on power scores. Etc.


I kind of hate the “Units Killed” and even the “units lost” statistics just because they take into calculation every battle you have been in. I have seen people boosting their stats by sending single spams into battles just to be able to brag about their “massive killcounts” and I have seen people have huge “losses” just because they have squads in so many places they are factored into almost every battle.

I agree with Malice’s comments on the pure difficulty in establishing metrics for this.