Ranking is messed up (no suprise)

I have been a busy person so I do not play much so I was just rank 183 and first match I get is from a ranked 26 players (I forgot their name) and this is just now, so I do not see how this new update has yet fixed many problems we veterans have discussed such as power balance, box chances being decreased drastically, and such. I would quit the game but I have a clan to attend to, these is player matchup battles are getting worse, I met a rank 2 whilst I am rank 150 and I was nowhere near rank 2 (judging by the stars of being black skull rank). This game has disappointed so many people and do not dare say I or we bring negativity because this is criticism from veteran players and new. Thank you for your time

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The problem :

WE made exactly lists with ALL known issues (around 20-25 points) !

WE explained every single issue very often and exactly !

Here the best 2 examples :

  • throwback to workshop DURING you are writing in chat

Thats the ONLY chat in whole internet / www that throw you out of chat DURING writing !

Duration of this issue :
more than 1 year

  • single / player ranking list do NOT show anymore LOSSES

It shows now 2 times the wins … 2 different columns, it desplays the same.

Duration of this issue :
many weeks (since 1st update from new game update)

That are just 2 examples out of minimum 20 !

Tacticoft and their developers NEVER listened to such - FOR US players very bad issues !

Tacticsoft do only things / updates / fixes, which are important for themself !

Just a fact !

It’s on YOU - tacticsoft - to maybe change that type of business with your customers !!!