Ranking Bug - Fix to be release tomorrow

Hey everyone,
You might see that when you lose a match you lose 2 stars.
This is something that will be fixed tomorrow.
If you see anyone talking about this please let them know.

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What about our actual ranks? Everyone’s been demoted and ranks 1-3 are locked out - is this something that will be fixed tomorrow as well? thanks


From what I can gather, you only lose 2 stars if you quit the match.

Nothing to fix, its again a great new update, if you want your rank back, costs only 1000 tokens !


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my rank went from rank 1 to rank 7 i mean what the f**k

Fusion Costs are still a thing ._.

This has now been fixed!

Just to be clear, this was a visual bug only. The stars kept working correctly in practice.

On a related note, is the wins/losses being the same a bug or intentional? And if it is intentional, what’s the reasoning behind it?

The bug where quitting makes the opponent “stuck” is an unrelated bug, and we’re still trying to figure out what’s causing it. The ranks stars issue was a visual thing only and, as I said, unrelated.

I don’t think you understood my question. I’m talking about this:

Notice how the wins and losses are of all players are listed as the same - this is incorrect. If this is somehow intentional, please go back to how it was before, it’s very annoying for players and does not serve an purpose.

That was a bug?

Wow. And for a second there I was doing better than I thought… with a 50% win-loss ratio! Hahahaha… :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a bug in to fix to this.
It is not all the players just the top10.
Thanks for reportiing.

I see it on all players !

It shows 2 times the wins in the ranking list.
NOT as before - where it was correct, 1 time the wins and 1 time the losses !


@Sarah247 , the win = losses bug is not just the top ten: