Ranked battles imbalance?

I guess that this an issue since I am rank 9 and I got matched with a rank 1 in the ranked match. Obviously did not stand a chance. And that is not the first time sometimes I am getting thrown at people 3-4 rank higher.

How much time did you search for? Lol 1 hr? XD

No like 10-15 seconds

:frowning: that’s interesting ,even r1s take 5 mind to geta match and you. Being r9 gets matched to an r1 in 10 s.

This ranking system is seriously messed up

What is this nonsense match-up???

I know that you are meant to be matched with a player with similar rank. But is there any other criterias that come into play when matchmaking ?

Only availability of players … in your case idk how

Well I got matched twice while I am playing now and now I am waiting to get matched for like 5 mins lol…
Honestly I do not think they will fix it.
They should at least create AI players in lower ranks so you will a ctually get matched and don’t have to wait for ages because it does make the game boring.

this can not happen … because the limit of “I touch your death” would be rank 6 if you are rank 10

possibility of false% 99 possibility of true% 1

You must have got upity with SM and it replied saying ok then bitch slapped back into your actual lower place in the ranks.


the older ranking system is back in play, the same one I got hit with thousands of times through the years.