Rank the mythical torsos+the galaxus models and spider


for me (i didn’t get a mythical torso even after around 70 days of playing sm)
the best torso is ultraspade, because of the sheer energy and regeneration; i always prefer energy shield over resistances or heat shields(even 250 heat shields and 100 cooling is not enough). of course it might be countered by coldfire , but i will take my chances
with 10 multiresistance, 150 energy(1 energy module),80+ cooling,heat(3 cooling regeneration module)
800+240 hp; the god mode torso can last long enough
lava scope and hellfire are great because of all round strengths while usa,yoshimo and diamond shell are xtremely weak in some departments but really strong in others.metrolens and electron defence stand between these 2.
galaxus model c and spider are better atleast the last 5(ofcourse this is my thought)

would like to know your thoughts?


With 80+ cooling, no offense, but you would get destroyed in rank 1 with that.


actually when i wrote 80+ cooling i meant the additional 80 other than the in-built 30(i made the error of 3modules ,but 4 modules is right for the additional 80)


your maths are little weird…

  • 800 + 240 hp… ok the 240 of 3 plates of 80… but from where the 800 comes? (or its the max hp?)

  • 80+30=110 cooling… ok, couldbe enough for rank 3, but not for rank 2 & 1…

  • no one with healty mind use heat shield, is like a tombstone; thats why all we use energy shield max 30%.

  • ultraspade is not, never will and never was better than lavascope;
    its good for energy ok, but lavascope is soooo multifunctional and can be so freaking usefull on any config:
    with 2 combined modules of 21 (mean +42 cooling and regen) and one combined tarjet of 53k, or 58k or 62k and you got one usefull body to put any config on it. (78 regen and 103 cooling with the weakest config)


i just checked; god mode does have 800 hp(with -24 of each of the resistances)


P_P then why you mixed the stock hp of godmode with ultraspade hp? has no sense P_P


it might be because i wrote about god mode in 2nd paragraph, but it didn’t begin in caps , so may be u thought it belonged to ultraspade


It was, in first week when myths was released xd


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i say never!!! N.E.V.E.R.

(and why you are stalking me? i must feel fear about it? your brain is ok? can i scream? where i am?)


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where do you find your forum using rank; where can i find mine


you need read what you post and use comas, points and spaces (some redacting skills too, why not).
because i read this:

  • for you the best torso is ultraspade, for his energy cap and regen;
  • (change of idea totally) you preffer energy shield over resist or heat shield. can be countered by coldfire
  • (second change of idea) but you will try with resist module, 150 energy cap with 1 energy module, add 80 cooling with 3 cooling & regeneration module (and this is wrong because the modules has 18 or 21, so 3 of them are 54 or 63 plus 30 from stock = 84 or 93 cooling). 800 + 240 HP (and cut with " ; "){so you are talking about the config you will use, not about god mode}
  • (change idea again) the godmode torso can last long enough.
  • (another fragment) talk about torsos stats. and say than galaxus and spider are better than those torsos.

crazy eh? if you keep on school some more years you can say the same with some skills:

For you ultraspade is the best torso in game (because after 70 days playing is the only torso i have) for his stats on energy and regeneration, its usefull because you always prefer energy shield over resistances and heat shield (its like a tombstone); you know shields can be countered with coldfire but you will try beat it with this config: resist module, 1 energy module, 3 combined modules and max hp on torso plus 3 hp modules, because godmode can have over 800hp.
this torsos (the 5 you say) are weak because their stats are low on what you need (energy), so if only galaxus or spider can be more usefull…

much better right?
i know, not all think and read what they post, but jesus… give they some skills!!!


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