(rank system glitch) rank 1 falls over 100 after lose a battle


I’m a rank 1…
but when I lose a battle, I fall to 139…

with rank3s…

it is a glitch or something thing else


Your arena points match up around the 139 area, so it looks accurate.




Idk what is going on. Seems like your dropping in ranks by a metric crap ton everytime you lose? Is that why your posting?


Look at me lol…
Spotlight and Fame all round


Strange !


Mhhh what can be the issue :question:


20 PM


Oh, sorry, didn’t saw that, then maybe really a glitch or “cheat” … both possible (no accusation) :exclamation:



now I’m back to top 50
I though this just visual glitch because my clan points(all player together) only decreased by 6


Do you know how much Arena points you had before you fall to 110 :question:




-37 mhhh …

There was once a glitch when you canceled a Battle search, it stayed as Battles search … you went to workshop or elsewhere and after you saw that you lost that canceled Battle (search) … any chance it was like this … checked replays :question:

Otherwise its really strange to lose so much with new system … (back then it was like this, but they changed something) :exclamation: