Rank 4 player looking for clan

Greetings, I am a rank 4 player looking for a clan. I have been playing this game for a while now and was briefly in a small one for a little while, but now I am looking for a competitive clan to play with.

Which type of mech you use ? PHE

Heat build at the moment. I’m collecting parts to start a build on a physical build. I’m getting plenty of long range weapons for it, but jack shit for decent short range weapons. The struggle is real.

Have you got any special legendary myth. Im totally unlucky in that part of getting it. I got two annihilatore but boosting is one of the headaches.

I have one legendary that is the cornerstone of my heat build. Range of 2-6, 54 heat, and over 100 damage.

2-6 ?? What weapon is this?

Sorry, 2-4, it’s called Sorrow