Rank 3 and Up ( CLOSED ) -Dwightx


So I am in a top Clan right not but since the leader is gone forever ( I need a new Top Clan. I get 100+ wins a Season Please , Thank you <3 and I Think i’m a YouTuber

I joined Trolls Fast Thank you everyone


That is why I left ^ :frowning: Some extra stuff


It’s up to your choice.


Hi @Dwightx
I would like to join you to our clan but you need to be rank 1 before end of season
If you can do it,I will talk with @bestplayerintheworld
So that you can join us


@Heat is regin leader
@Lannister has quit this game


What happened to agent xm??


agent said he lost his account


I versed him last night… 3 pumpkin heads

Fully quit?


rank 2 with 3 stars is top100 material but not top72

nice rank tho


Hello! I speak for myself and not for the leader of my clan. But we need players who feel some kind of affection and commitment for the clan. We don´t want players who like the same thing to be on Lyll or in any other clan.



What you mean with this :question:



@Dwightx good luck on getting new top clan :slight_smile:
btw i am also there in your video at #85 rank 2 , check it :slight_smile:


maybe she means that LLYL has a reputation that other clans don’t?


She mean always a lot :smile: … and yes she always think that she or her Clan is something special, but it isn’t :exclamation:



I could of Joined Reign but he told me to wait,
Funny how I was messaging both leaders at once xD



He will like to invite the top player to his clan first
But I think your rank is still can’t join to regin clan