Rank 25 when you play campaign?


The bug is not that much of a problem but just wondering if you could fix it @Sarah247 @Mohadib?
I think everyone see’s this.


This has long been noted. It happened a few months back during one of their updates, I at first assumed it was just a visual bug. But others seem to believe it affects drops/kit drops etc in campaign. Although I can’t really confirm. Devs will need to confirm that. For now refreshing “fixes” it. But it’ll go back to rank 25 after killing any mob (pointless to refresh).


Well…ill just still notice them…Lel.
But yeah that ain’t no problem.


If you feel it’s killing your drop boxes just refresh after killing everything then grab the loot boxes after refresh because your rank will be back to what it should be.

Plus it does seem that at rank 25 it gives a few more chances of repair kits for those that need them especially at the higher boss levels.