Rank 2 Scamming a Rank 6


The title say–… Ignore the gif to the side… Anyways, The title explains it all, A rank 2 scammer AKA Ahmad run, Offers “Free tokens” I would like to report this player, Though no idea why scam a rank 6, I apologize if this is breaking any rules, I would just like to report @Sarah247 And I apologize if I’m disturbing you


Always take any relevant information of a supposed scammer (screenshots, messages etc) to a PM with Sarah.

Don’t report it here otherwise Nothing gets done.

(and you aren’t breaking any rules as far as I can tell).


that catgirl got all my attention


I have a dancing neko girl next to me when I play SM as well


“Gay” shouldn’t be used here, nor ever to describe disgust towards scamming. So please, refrain from using it again.

(I’m telling you because the mods likely won’t be as nice about it).


I can send the whole gif if ya want XD
Edit: It’s too big rip


pm this to sarah with the dude’s id.
that it.


i did not ignore the gif.