๐ŸŽˆ RANK 1 HAHA (Been so long/ HTK Reign)


@Misfit role played him once. Acting like a late teen girl. He got dirty horny in less than 4 secโ€ฆ Was funny afโ€ฆ


He wanted my perky tits and tight vagina what can I say?


Iโ€™m a talent scoutโ€ฆ I say what I need to say to bring us champions :wink:


Rambo left because he wanted to, he needed a break but we did not kick him, even he was several weeks without playing anything inactive but we left him. we do not like to kick members.

if rambo returns he is welcome to HTK


Behemot has 6 days inactive. we are in 2 place.

if we kicked and joined another member we would go up to 1 place but we prefer to stay in 2 place before kicking a member.

we only kick if we observe that it is a troll alt acc from one of the other clans or if we see that he loses intensionally like many he has sent โ€œreingโ€ with his dirty tactics.


You didnt say shet to me.
God its strange to be sober on friday eve. Gonna work on thatโ€ฆ


You were mostly eโ€™s catch, but I got e so I still like to claim you as mine lmao.


Not really. We come as a couple. :heart_eyes:

He joined a while after me cause he was having an affair with Splatter at the time I joined. I knew he still loved me though, so I gave him his space.

Congrats @lordgorgon for last nights gold. Keep it up lovey.