🎈 RANK 1 HAHA (Been so long/ HTK Reign)


The beauty of the game dear. Of course, llyl never does this kind of things.
Just this morning i deposed a patent, not that my company is going to use it on an industrial scale; just to avoid my competition doing so… nice move.


Congratulation to Rank 1 @Dwightx :exclamation:


Whats wrong about :question:

You started in a Top 3 Clan :question:

Think about it, before you throw around your hate :exclamation:

1st … you are not @Miron_Mironovich

2nd … you wish he would do, so you need not to be so afraid of losing 3rd place with your Clan



For the first time (and this should be on Guinness), El Metre and you, seem to agree at least on something.

And for the first time, since our disagreement (and this should also be in Guinness), The Hunter and me agree at least on something.

Interesting post …


He will leave anyway and Miron already has replacements for the next tournament, which if materialized, would also shake the second place of HTK. So, don´t spit to up.

Or… you can hire @Dwightx and maybe you’re lucky … he wants to go to HTK (or Reign, he doesn´t care).


Lolz. Dont count on it. We will just reactivate some slumbering members…


I like shitstorms.

20 shitstorms.


could say even a broken clock is right twice a day and depending on whose side you’re on depends who you believe’s the broken clock.

personally I don’t think there’s anything to agree or disagree on. the guy made it to rank 1 and in his excitement (something currently alien to me in the context of this game) made a post about it. I think the real problem here is you subconsciously feel the need to virtue signal about loyalty because of your departure from HTK ages ago. that’s why you always like to create this narrative of being forced out by an unreasonable michelle, when actually, as anyone in HTK will vouch for, michelle is very good to her friends (clanmates). I think the real issue is you haven’t gotten over it yet and the armchair psychologist in me wants to advise that you accept that you were disloyal to HTK in a much realer sense than dwight is disloyal to Trolls as you actually acted on that urge for disloyalty while dwight merely alluded to one in excitement, and I would say that instead of attacking dwight you really ought to attack or come to peace with the parts of yourself you have yet to come to grips with - your disloyalty.


Can I put my 2 cents here … Friends … I do not want to offend anybody anyway, but it seems to me that you have made a storm in a glass of water …


Maybe so, but the ambiguity of the topic regarding clan hopping is what the debates seem to be about.

Nevertheless, it’s Dwight’s prerogative as to which clan he leaves or joins. But personally, I don’t want to see you lose another good player to a higher ranked clan.

I have clan hopped many times before HTK, and when I left LLYL it was my sons decision as he had taken over my account. In retrospect, it was a good decision. In any case, maybe I misunderstood the gist of Dwight’s topic in this regard.

Good luck for tonight Trolls.

@Shabbadoo52 should rejoin for tonight. He has a good heart, ask him.


About topic, every player is FREE and can do whatever she/he wants (as long not breaking any rules about gameplay and forum) :exclamation:

Every player is FREE to change the Clan whenever she/he wants :exclamation:

It is her/his own decision :exclamation:

And after reading all this nonsense from @Wepwawet let me correct it, so all can read how it was for real, not guessing or accusing of anything, facts, nothing than facts …

I don’t know why she hates Cadbunny / Rambo that much, but we all know he is not the only one, so really no need to tell things about others which are not true … thats why it need to be correctly told

No, he is not walking like a dog, he is a human :exclamation:
Please respect this :exclamation:

No, it was not 4 hours before the tournament end :exclamation:

No, we didn’t kicked him out, because he was useless :exclamation:
No, he is not useless :exclamation:

No, he did say :exclamation:

1st … I see no strom

2nd … if that is a “strom” of any kind for you, you should read the BD forum for a while :exclamation:

Compared to that this here is farmville :exclamation:


I like this idea :exclamation:





I don’t think adding at last minute creates huge difference … But I am worng about a lot


Well Rambo was a terrible person. He was quite demeaning to women something Best should sympathize with .


It does mate. It makes a huge difference. Every little bit helps.

I’ll be teaming up with you for a few days after this season in Troll Masters. Will be fun I guess.


Playing with zero pressure is fun.


Well that’s what I’m looking for at this point, just some fun, no holds barred, and acting like a dick in arena. Gonna smurf up to Rank 5 for a week and do some seal clubbing there.

Plus take some time to learn the art of energy trolling. (I’d like to know how to get Wep as livid as you do).


Ahhhh @Misfit… you miss me so much…Dont lose hope dear… I have my roots on elsewhere but nobody knows the twist of fate… dont cry for me.


I think and I am sure about, that he was 100% correct with his analyse :exclamation:
Which also shows your answer about :exclamation:


Well said, well said :exclamation:



Bestplayer couldnt know that, by obvious reasons…


Oof, who can win the armchair psychologist contest and prove they care the least while knowing the most about the others emotions. I love game forum anger spergs.


Yea…mr.12 is so funny…I miss them on Lyll… mr.12, pow, el metre, together made me laugh a lot…