🎈 RANK 1 HAHA (Been so long/ HTK Reign)


Nice how long u have wait to reach this rank?


Look at your teammate bro


What can I change my friend … we did not contract … I can not tie it …This game does not like the clan leaders


Game is full of mercenaries and wannabes. You deserve loyal players, but at least this gives you an idea of who’s gonna bail.

If he moves on though, I think Reign is a better fit. Honorability is part of the HTK ethos, so…


All super mechs clans need loyalty


Been several months since I been rank 1 and it takes minutes to find a match sometimes

Aye been in this clan for several months Great clan :slight_smile: I seen tons of people come and go …


I do hope everyone knows that I been in trolls fast for several months so that is loyal…


llyl takes a lot of hoppers, especially these days I’d imagine.

switching from trolls to llyl is a fool’s bet though.


I wouldn’t switch to little lost also look how close they are xD


Good job on rank 1! Haven’t ever seen you up here :smiley:


Slightly ostentatious, yes, but give the guy a f*cking break for accomplishing something. Maybe it will inspire his clanmates rather than make them jealous. One may surmise that certain parties are attempting to sew seeds of discontentment where there are none (Trolls Fast) for obvious reasons. Think what you may, but the Trolls are getting stronger and it’s easy to see. I’m proud of you, Dwight. Ignore the haters.



Congratulations, although I think that a clan like HTK does not need a member like you that when reaching a good rank you abandon those who believed in you. We do not need that in our clan. PAST, NEXT PLEASE


i cant wait to see what is inside the rank 1 box, want to show us when you get it?


Oh he did that, convinced a couple of us to reach our goals too


I didnt abandon anyone. What are you talking about


Dude, there’s nothing special in that box. Normally 3 purple poops. Sometimes a legendary or 2.


It’s implied in your topic title. I interpreted same. Maybe I’m just stupid, dunno.

But in any case, you should stick with your clan. Miron is a great guy and your whole clan is full of very good and enthusiastic players. Plus Trolls has the potential to very soon compete for first or second place after you guys take 3rd.


They see me smurfing… they hatein… they wanna catch me ridein dirty.
Nicely said.
A good acomplishment @Dwightx. It is not easy to reach R1 nowadays.Congrats.


This reminds me of Cadbunny / Rambo. Rambo was walking like a dog in a bocce court and we brought him to Lyll. Then, for no obvious reason, he left Lyll to go to Reign. He betrayed Reign (without warning) 4 hours before finishing the tournament to go to HTK. Finally they kicked him out of HTK because he was an useless. He walked through all the top clans and now they don´t want him in any.

It seems to me very well that he has reached rank 1 (reaching rank 1 is not a merit, but staying on it). But because once he was lucky and went up a bit, his head has already been filled with farts and he feels that his clan is too small for him.

In addition, as a rule, I never advise Lyll, let people in who don´t care whether they are on one clan or another (although sometimes it escapes us), because those people who feel the same thing to one or another, usually leaves you in balls when you least expect it. I prefer a player who cannot reach rank 1, but who is loyal and feels affection for the clan than a star that leaves at any moment without any reason.


Some piece of information: cadbunny stoped playing, and thats because he started his military enrolment. Otherwise he would still be around kicking arses (he was the best in his field).

Also, i didnt umderstand anything in the last part of your post.


For whatever reason, it was a waste of time, because he cannot play anyway. I hope that at least, it was worth it to get it out of Reign 4 hours before the end of tournament. But from what I saw, it was not worth it either. That week, HTK didn´t reach the first place anyway (Reign managed to win the first place with 23 players). And surely Cadbunny also did not say about his future impossibility to play, or surely they would not have taken him to HTk, is that right? Because if it isn´t like that, then a very ugly move is that of removing a player from a top clan, 4 hours before finishing a tournament.