🎈 RANK 1 HAHA (Been so long/ HTK Reign)


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My heart was racing :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been a long ass time since I been Rank 1 ( currently in trolls fast thnx miron )
@bestplayerintheworld @Mechzilla @HappyPoppers Take notes great member right here…

This is actually a video I havent edited yet



On a side note, I like your youtube channel!


Congratulations Dwight! I made rank 1 last week for the first time since the new economy update over a year ago.




congrats dude :slight_smile:

i saw your ranking in the member list and was like “how tf did you get up there” n that actually motivated me to get up there as well so thx lol


^ Which is then what motivated me to get up there


Congratulations man , i’m literally jealous and happy for you at the same time ( LOL )


Nicely done mate. Dont quit on me next time will you. I need to assess your arse to provide comments to the management.


Haha i was rank 4 and matching against you is insta quit worthy




congrats on first


Good to see you’re in shape as ever!


Wait… wait… are u playing on trolls now but you asking join to another clan?


Pretty much yes…


Well… if I was Miron I kick you now out of clan… really… this seems a public spittle to the face of your clanmates.


not a big surprise, but since everything became so f*ckin hard after reloaded, congrats


Gud jub commrade.

I still don’t know why you’re gonna join HTK.


Well, some players don’t honor their own clans, so well, what to say right?


I always find it amusingly ironic when wepwawet tries to take the moral highground on clan switching. ohwait I forgot that’s justified because personal rivalries in your case but its not in other people’s cases because insert narcissitic ramblings here.


It was a shameless self promo. Tacky at best despite the personal feelings of others . Congrats on getting to rank one . Stay classy and bring your self promo to pm .