Range Stat not right


The range indicated on weapons don’t play out right.
Range 1

Range 2

Range 3

Range 4

Here is a weapon stats that don’t play.

Look in “range 1” pic, It is not usable. Yet lava spray is:

Both weapons stat at 1. There are a bunch of weapons that don’t have the right stats, more like all of them. If you come in as a new player, you be lost with that. Legs even have range 1. I would be lost if were new to the game. I believe the stats got messed up because I remember seeing Twin Termination at 2-4.

That’s just some heads up


Yeah a lot of weapons have their ranges 1 less than they used to be. For experienced players it’s not a problem because we already remember the ranges of all relevant weapons, but for new players this will be very confusing. This should be a simple fix.