Range and Weight Update


Seraph + cooldown vs dual crimson my ombre


Change legs :slight_smile:


I see what they’re doing here… he alluded to it in his original post… you’re going to have to choose whether to be an EMP-based Mech or not… taking EMP means some major sacrifices… it will definitely lead to some diversity in builds which is much needed

We want The Claw to be an immobile defensive item. To make its shortcomings more meaningful, we are reducing its stomp damage will be half of an average leg damage, and removing its knock-back. There will be no weight change.

Makes sense. Getting in tight to the claw is now it’s major weakness. Now Claw users will have to get some push items (eg. Backbreaker, Repulsor) which will indirectly affect the Mech’s weight (rather than directly increasing Claw weight… smart! :man_student: )

Please still consider having Spears with pushback as an alternative to place in the Grappling Hook slot especially since Grappling Hooks are now hazardous to Claw-users health:


We are aware that heat weapons feel a bit too heavy, so we are slightly tweaking them across the board, in a way that will make most pure heat Mechs weigh around 20-30kg less.

Awesome!!! Much needed for balance.

The heat bomb weight will be increased from 37 to 50kg.

A little bit sad but understandable. I’ve seen some 2 HB set-ups lately which are pretty deadly.

Thanks for addressing the 3 big issues from the forums this last little bit. I think it’s awesome when game developers are open to community feedback. Keep up the great work!!! :grinning:


@Sarah247 @Mohadib @SilverBox @jonny

Great work whole tacticsoft / SuperMechs team :exclamation:

You did the right thing :exclamation:


  • EMP
    seems pretty balanced this way
    (maybe weight only 70 kg :wink: )

  • The Claw
    interesting change and concept, I would have prefered the 169kg and -160 HP, but we will see how your idea works

  • Heat
    good change, important is that it is really slightly, because of the +20% Explosive damage AND the +20% Heat damage from Arena Shop (otherwise Heat would dominate to much)

  • Heat Bomb
    also good idea to nerf it a little bit

Under the line …

These changes are for ALL players the same :exclamation:

Many don’t see that all players can use and play all types and all weapons, and the changes “hit” every single player the SAME … see my EMP, Heat Bomb and my The Claws will not stay with their stats :exclamation:


Once more great work @Tacticsoft :exclamation:


Little joke …

:white_check_mark: Problem EMP solved :white_check_mark:


Well the emp nerf happened

The only person I truly feel for here is @Mordulec

If there was any reason for electricians to continue to dominate, I would want it to be just for him and his cute little apes.

@mordulec come to the physicists side if you are not happy. You will see how we struggle against you OP blue boys. But we haz great skills to counter (if 6 energy Engine = skills). I know you have plenty of those in stock.

Nevertheless, I feel you bro. Only you.


EMP, and neither HeatBomb are used
Neither does E, or Gorgon, or the mass majority of the Top 50.
You look at the Top 50, there are 3-5 important Energy mechs these will soon disapear:
Some heaters(they are kinda of heaters, since they also mix build):
Rovo.(this is a heater :slight_smile: )
The rest are Phis:
With the same build of little variation.
Dual Spartan, mercy.
Spartan, NE, Mercy/NF.
This nerf to EMP, has cripled the Energy to the point the can no longer drain 600+ energy mechs, befor dieing.
And at 600 energy phis mech, it is not counter building, since that is obtained using 4 energy modules.
The nerf to the Claw impacts, Energy/Heat builds:

  1. Using Claw on their builds, gave them the HP to actualy stand against the salvos of 1000dmg/turn of the Phis, Buying them time, to either drain or overheat them, befor dieing.
    Now they no longer have that luxury, since at range 1, they need an aditional wepon, to breack the range for combos(either stormweaver, or buldog).
  2. At range 1, the only builds that shine are the phis, due to anihilation(free cost), mercy(free cost), seraph(even now is a good high dmg wepon).
  3. For Energy and Heat, they don’t have good wepons at range 1, they are either only premium, or do basicly low dmg/ drain. Only 2 good wepons are Ash, and Grimsome, but you need to pack them int pairs, or they are weak.
  4. Heat and Energy, need more wepons to do combos, because of their mechanics, they are more complex to use, and harder to combo, then Phis. Thus an Energy mech, will need 4-5 wepons, to be viable, a heater 4, but Phis, he can only have 3, that cover pretty much evrything.
  5. These nerf benefit greatly the Platplat users, since 1 platplat=2 epic, and thus, using only 2 platplats, leaves 6 modules slots, to be used for protector, and energy/heat modules, thus coutering the eficience of Energy and Heat. This combined with them only using 3wepons(of average weight), A spartan weights 51 kg, shreds 15 res, and hits 400+ dmg. A last words/ abomination is 63/70 kg,
    The damn spartan weights less then a Malice/ Corupt, and hits 2x as hard.Thus, Energy and Heat, Claw users,will need rare premium items to breack 1 range, and combo…You need another specialised premium wepon, to be able to use a premium leg… really?
  6. The Energy will fall from the ranks, by the end of this week, by atleast 10-20 places.
    Basicly neither Heat nor Energy, will be able to stand to Phis now.
    You will see a revert of these Nerfs, once things clear out, and @Mohadib, realises that the gap betwen types just turned into a sea.


I agree, the weight increase is exessive here.
But with all these updates im hoping to see some variety in builds. Claw users will work to equip 2 range 1/2 weapons; heat aficionados will come out the hood; energy will either focus around emp or vaillants.
Overwhole choices will be made, wich is good for variety (i miself will make tremendous changes)

Please @Mohadib, rework a little the weight of EMP, nerf has been a little extreme here.


Really sigle use 75kg wepon, that only drains 350?
That seems resonable?
You pack 3 of those nd you are looking at 225 kg, for 150 dmg, and 1050 drain… that will not scare anybody, even enrgy free guys won’t give a crap if you pack 1-2 of those, since the whole damn thing you can do with it, is a measly 700-200(a base torso energy)=500 dmg, for 150 kg…
Let alone the fact that Energy regens… and if you have atleast a decent regen 200ish… that is simply deducted from the dmg, and makes the EMP pointless.
Round 1:
Fires EMP, drains the enemy.
Next round, regens 200, still need to fire other wepons to drain.
Who would use it, even over Malice, or let alone a Bunker, or Last words, or any other Energy wepon, that basicly actualy does dmg…
It is basicly useless…
Heatbomb… was useless befor, since it killed atleast 1 action point for the user… even if you took 1(2 actions) turn from the other guy, you woul spent 1 action fireing the 50 dmg peashoter, then another 1 action to cool your azz after it. So in reality, you would use 1 full turn, to deal 50 dmg, and take 1 turn from your oponent. Now at 50 kg, for such a wepon, it makes the armor disolver actualy seem usefull.
@Mohadib look at it, this is how it really functions… does it seem usefull in any way?
Claw without stomp? No push back… that basicly forces evrubody that uses claw(except phis), to use premium only wepons(StormWeaver, TerrorBlade, Shotguns). An L-M only item, that need other L-M only items to function. Except for Phis, they have anihilation that is E-M.
Does it make any sense?

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To be honest, I’m scared about the changes to Claw as it will impact EVERYTHING I have worked on with my mechs and battle tactics.

However, I will take it in its stride, and learn to live with the change, just as every other Claw based build will have to do.

EMP though was way to OP. Given the changes to it, I will have 2 options now with build adjustments:

  1. Add more HP (1 plate) and be more viable against phys.
  2. Add 2 heat engines and give myself a slight chance against all 3 types (in other words a rounded build).

In any case, it allows me BALANCE to at least have a mech that can counter 2 types effectively, rather than just anti-energy.

This will reduce my energy cap to give electricians more of a chance. Plus relieve me from the stupid choosing screen luck factor that I absolutely hate.

Mech balancing is key to this game. Not extreme counter builds that force luck into the equation. Energy is still more than OP. Phys still has it tough in many aspects. You don’t play phys, so you won’t know the challenges. It looks easier than it actually is.

It’s all win-win for everyone. A good choice on @mohadib part.


counter building will be done anyway…
Only thing that changes now, is that instead of 5-6 modules, we will see 4-5, and a little more hp on the mechs.
Now instead of 2600 hp, with 800 enrgy will transform into 2900 hp, with 700 energy.
This is the only thing we will see, or 2600, 500-600 energy with dedicated protector, or mix protector.
What kind of an energy mech can go against that?
What kind of heat mech will go against, 2900 hp, 700 heat cap mech?
There is no balance.
I say look at the Top Ranks, if there a single type dominate the game… that meens it is something wrong.
That is where you look.
Look at lower ranks, they copy the Top ranks,
What happens in the tops, get propeled in the lowers.


Mate, at the top ranks there is almost ZERO strategy in battle. The strategy is in the workshop. This is what many find most appealing with the game …having designed the superior mech that trashes others.

Now the rebuilds will take place around the changes. And it’s all about who can think through the builds better than others. I look forward to the challenge.


@Mr.E @bestplayerintheworld,

Despite what some are saying i know that all the lobbiying made was for the good of the player comunity in its entirity. Thanks for that, well thought.

The new to be weight of EMP is very (too much) high tho. I am thinking of the many who spent ressources to mqx an item that they probably wont be able to use. Between 27kg and 75kg there is some middle values that could be considered.

@mohadib, maybe you can mae a call for pov on that



Mate, you keep talking about 2900hp, 800energy cap phys builds.
I really cant seem to understand who you are talking about.
I probably have one of the best phys line up of the moment and i dont have things like these.


Bro, same thing took place with Seraph. Went from one extreme to another and then back again. There is no middle ground with dev team. It’s all or nothing.

Honestly though, the 75kg is worth it for a permadrain weapon that gives such a massive advantage. If I were a blue boy, I would still equip it at 100kg. It’s OP.

If phys had a weapon that drained 150 res, but weighed 75kg would you equip it?

…of course you would!


describe me that strategy…:
1st build:
Put 2 myth plates, put protector, put 5 energy modules.
Put 2 spartans, put mercy.
2nd build:
Put 2 myth plates, put protector, put 5 heat engines.
Put 2 spartans, put mercy.
3rd build:
Put 3 myth plates, put protector, put 2 heat engines, 2 enrgy engines.
Put 2 spartans, put mercy.
Yep, really hard.
Phis has to manage only 1 type if modules, and they walk over 2 types, with the right items.
A 2600 hp, 700/600 heat/energy can take on both a heater/energy and also another Phis.
An energy, has to wach out for heater, phis, other enrgy. So if he doesnt pack heat, atleast 1 module,he get’s craped even by a heat drone, and stomp. If the doesnt pack atleast 5 energy modules he get’s craped by other enrgy, and he can’t fire his own wepons unless he has atleast 1-2 energy modules, and he can’t take on a Phis unless he has HP.
And unless he drains, his dmg is crap…


Hi, mate! The additional 50 kg is like another weapon. And to fit this, I would have to sacrifice too many elements on all of my mechs. That is basically rebuilding the entire trio anew. So I believe it will be much better to drop the overweight crap and focus on decent weapons. I am now having high hopes for energy hammers, and plan to build long rangers that push physicals out of the Nightfall range in one turn…


If I could stroke you like a cat I would :monkey::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Big hugs :smiley:


that is direct spartan teritory, or NE and NF …


Spartan territory is basically the entire range up to 7… So there is virtually no way you can avoid it… If you stick to range 1, you fist get stomped, then Mercied in range of Spartan. Range 2? Mercied and Spartnaned… No escape, broh, no escape. I prefer to stay in range 5+ and hope for drainage or getting out of Spartan range - 7+. Then I can make them some VSniping to cause Hysteria! :grinning: