Range and Weight Update



Can you lend me that Crimson for some hours each day for Raid?
I need a Crimson to be able to shutdown those tanks at starting range 1 every so often.
I can deal with range 3, 5 and 7 but that range 1 with over 150 heat cap on those opponents is only possible for Crimson to overcome without damage.


Aww… Just realized I’m gonna miss people using EMP and H-bomb on me… I actually thank people for using it on me.

Rip EMP and H-bomb… Maybe H-bomb will make it with buff on weight for heaters.


If you haven’t got the claw then the stomp nerf does not affect you, what does your lvl and time playing have to do with it?


I agree with everything here except for the weight of the emp. I believe that weight should be reduced to 50 or 55 kilograms.


That weapon may be used as bunker somehow,since if your enemy is darined,emp does 400+ dmg in one hit


I will still use my hecking emp , its my only win rate as energy vs phys.

*the ones that have 600 energy of course


50 weight of the EMP would be really nice, maybe even useful :wink:


Any weapon that has the potential to completely overwhelm an opponent, should not come with such a cheap cost (low weight). The higher weight will deter abuse, and force careful build considerations.

I say the awkward weight is befitting for such an OP weapon.


Heat bomb should have the same weight as emp.


i feel like they’re contradicting but i do understand why they’re doing this…
i really appreciate the 20-30 weight less, this will really improve heat mechs into not having any stat buffs, but instead better builds which actually seems like a balance due to the ability of overheating and shutdown

this has made my day


Energy damage reduced by 15% and weight increased to 75 kg? @Mohadib, I am going to accept your solution only if the Heat Bomb is now reaching 100 kg in weight. Shame I did not wait with your decisions. EMP is now useless, I should never myth two items.LESS DAMAGE with the same cost? Plus 75 kg? I am getting alternative weapons. Perhaps it is time for this combo weapon from the previous portal? This is a massive fail, @Mohadib.


the damage was trash, the drain is what causes the magic energy to happen
tho i agree that 75 is a bit much, the damage reduction is fine since the drain is what really fuels the weapon


I know Mr E you hate blue mechs, and this is why you never build one. Variability on energy mechs? I must show the most extreme variability to stand against all types of damage. I have to have high energy to even dream about shooting my own weapons, I need heat and insane HP pools… This is too much variability. But I do not care, I am only pissed about losing 10 legends on mything 2 emps. This is a waste of resources. But I wll make it back…


WTF? EMP had an enormous price. The same drain on you AND the opponent… This called for boosting your own energy cap to ridiculous numbers to even dream about shooting EMP. My energy counter has now 820 energy cap, 300 regen… But only 1500 HP. It never faced any physical, because 1500 HP is simply 1,5 turns against any physical. This is the real cost of EMP. But now, I just myth my remaining un-maxed mythicals and wait for energy hammers. And build long ranged dual vailant beasts… I forget the EMP. And ONCE AGAIN @Mohadib, THE INCREASE TO 75 KG is equal to mounting another weapon. It is ridiculous, stupid and unnecessary. You simply failed.


Could not agree more. @Mohadib, do you ever think before proposing such ridiculous items like Heat bomb, EMP and Claw? Or is it just a regular tactics (filthy and disgusting, in my opinion), that you try to introduce OP items to make players maxx them ASAP, and after a couple of days (how many days ago the EMP portal ended - one week? two weeks?) you NERF THEM BEYOND any usefullness? But that means I still need to learn how TS treats its customers…


Please do not do this,

I spent a lot of time mything two EMPs, I will feel quite dishearten.

Good chaos is required …I understand.


Why every player keeps forgeting that when no matter what type you play if you want to challenge certain types of mechs you have to equip right modules!
And about emp weight, it was 10 kg lighter before the nerf, why didn’t you complained about it?


maybe 75 is a lot of weight
emp is a one shot after all, after using it your basically done for
maybe around 50-60 weight or a bit less
the electric damage reduction on the other hand… it’s not too shabby


But I must admit one thing, @Mohadib, credits to you for even getting over the pains to try and post such information beforehand in the forum. This is just one spoonful of honey in the ocean of grievance… iT WILL SAVE ME A LOT OF RESOURCES. I immediately switch from maxxing my Emps to mything, IDK, another stormweaver. Or build a second physical… But why on Earth you keep doing those nerfs, and introduce OP, unbalanced items in the first place, without trying to test them on the test server, I JUST DO NOT KNOW


since new claw, emp, hot bomb, hof lash sword,hammer etc they are still horrible idea and now heavier
i do not know what to do, pay pay have weapons more power or hp etc

  • in future pleasant game played? for me no