Range and Weight Update


in other words, ONLY from physicals!


Such things like recko, bulldog, terrorblade, stormweaver etc. also exist, u know?


And if I am 7 kg lighter my doctor will be delighted!


I like this. :+1::+1:


Congratulations to everyone that campaigned hard for the nerfs!


I just campaigned for heat.
And of course Emp.


Whatever, don’t use EMP, so no problem for me… BTW, heat guys and phys are finally happy and can stop crying now right? When heat becames a problem for me i will start a topic about HB… Let’s see where my cry will get me to -_-


You forgot half of the congratz.

Congratz for everyone demanding a buff on weight for heat items in general.
Finally that demand will be fulfilled.


Yes, congratulations to those that campaigned for that buff!


I believe I was the initiator and main proponent for the heat weapons weight reduction. But don’t bother thanking me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wish I could see the faces of all EMP users who do not look into this forum and have no one informing them about the content of the forum when they will log into the game in a few days and BAM! see that massive change in their EMPs.


If i can get a bunker it will be fantastic.

It will replace my emp and make my mech 1000.


Lol they will feel like their mech ate 100 chocolate cakes the night before, but were too drunk to remember it.

Like WTF just happened :joy:


WTF = What The Flip

FYI :+1:t2:


If you are the main culpr…erm proponent then let me thank you as someone whose first mech has been a heat mech and who still uses that same heat mech even now.

Thank you very much.


You’re welcome. And I will take the credit, since I really did shift the conversation from dmg/heat buffs, to weight reductions, which seemed the most logical way forward for the future/savior of heat.

I played heat since the beginning, but recently shifted to phys cause I never got an Abomination.

Of all mech types, my heart will always be with heat. Most lovable and interesting mech type …like EVER!


no, realy? )))
I do not have these things. I have to Crimson, Corrupt, Savagery

150 lvl, 5-6 month in game.


Nice story coming from the dual spartan, mercy build instigator :sunglasses::sunglasses:


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- Oscar Wilde.



I have to say. I do feel overly sincere