Range and Weight Update


the hater who is keep flaging me from 2 accs keep it keep it sarah will be here soon :slight_smile:


Why did we revived this topic?


Some dude revived it.



We all know that.

But why are we still talking about this?


Because Modemer wants to keep going on about his flags.



That’s not the real reason.


i can stop but …


ok from now if all of u didn’t talk i will stop :slight_smile:


Well then, Yo Yo Man, that’s a rhetoric question since you already know the answer to your question.


My awnser is that we’re talking about this ‘‘nerf’’ situation.

And how buffing heats isn’t really helping.


ammm excuse me u all were talking here from 1-12 hours ??


When will they introduce range limited drones?


I hope never. I already dislike the 3-use Faceshocker.


I guess you could put a 1-7 range on Shockwave because, hypothetically, 2 claw-based mechs with shockwaves and no remaining hooks, charges, or teleports, in opposite corners, is going to get really tedious.