Range and Weight Update


Maybe it was flagged because all of you are being offtopic.


ammm excuse me i jsut said xDD i who got flagged even i didn’t say any thing other than that ?




i feel like the heat weight update was not so uplifting to heat… cause stats are basically the same


I’m not still happy for the nerf to be honest.


which nerf from all of the nerfs?


So, nerf heat’s weight back to original weight?


The heat one.


maybe we should make phy and energy have heat’s original weight


getting real now, all the weight update did was allow an extra mod space that some builds didnt need, cause they may have had all mod spaces


Eh, an extra heat engine on my heat mech works for me (from this recent heat buff). However slight the buff is, it still works as an advantage for heaters.


well the thing is that some heat builds like rocket king already have all the mod spaces used, so that’s -20 weight that allows space for a mod that you dont have space for…

like you have all 8 mods but you dont have any space free… yo only have now less weight for the mod you cant fit

that’s why i feel it wasnt much help


Eh, no doubt, new heat items will be coming out of the portals, so heat’s weight reduction will come in handy in the future.




but most play with full mod builds
which means around 3 weapons
i was just using a common heat build as an example child


Most heats in my ranks 4-5 have 4-6 weapons equiped so WRONG


what rank are you? :stuck_out_tongue:


4-5 most of the time


do you win against such mechs?




i just hope im able to get to top ranks soon