Range and Weight Update


Dislike :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That was sad and full of melancholy, i’m fully with you.


I really dont think, that the EMP nerf was a good call.
That wepon, gave Energy mechs a fighting chance in a Phis infested Arena.
As you can see, there are no Energy mechs left in the Top Ranks.
They have been driven, to either change to heat(if they had good heat wepons), or to change to Phis(that represents 80-90%) of the top 100.
In my honest opinion, i really think that a rethinking of this 70kg nerf and 15%drain, is needed.
It really made the EMP useless, and drove the competitivity out of Energy mechs.


I would love to see another feedback.
The claw does not deserve that kind of nerf…but his hp nerf.
And EMP? God 70 kg is too much,i rather say 60-65 kg.

This is just a litle bit missed up.
I hope you make another feedback.


this idea is not good


why will they have put the claws with low power and the more weight emp


Question is, why did you revive this topic?


Leave the claw and EMP alone.


I would like to give an award to whoever revived this topic


It was Gudj


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