Range and Weight Update


I had two builds with EMP. I could beat good phys about 1/3 of the time. I could beat good heaters maybe 50/50. Starting at the end of last week, as people were getting energy cap and regen leveled up in arena shop, I was slowly starting to drift down the ranks. People were adjusting, and for those who leveled the arena perks, they didn’t have to make extreme counter builds anymore. We were just starting to get a look at how the weapon meshed with the game.

Once something has been introduced and people have worked hard to max-myth it and to fit it into their builds, it is soul crushing to see such a thoughtlessly massive change. The nerf was a complete reimagining of the weapon. I vote for less of that and more gradual adjustments over time.


Youll get another sniper soon. Probably around 20kgs.
Let see how it unfolds…


With the way things go, it will either suck or it will be impactful and then nerfed. My faith is low, friend.


Perfect timing for a light weight and op item.

Im maxing a windigo


The harm done to EMP… simply made it … and equivalent of armor disolver(the -30 res thingy).
It is just fussion food now.
These things really need to be tested befor unleashed.
Think of all the players that put the effort into mything and maxing them.
@purplehooter made 2 of them… just the fussion material needed to do that…time… gold… all down the drain.
And for what, so that some can keep their ranks… pheahh selfish.
Heatbomb was useless… now … is simply trash… only works in low low ranks, where the modules are legendary… but then again so does CL.A magma in low ranks wrecks havok… let alone a mythed Spartan.



I am happy that devs listen to me …

:sparkling_heart: @Sarah247 @Mohadib @SilverBox @jonny :heartpulse:



I do wish they did not fiddle with the weight, though. Instead, a greater stat nerf would have been better, as changing weight uproots players builds. Imagine making a build work, fusing away some items and then the build weight increases and you fuse the neccesary items away that you need to redo your build…


Just triyin to look forward mate.
I did max 2 myself. Also a damn heat bomb in an attempt to make an anti troll set up.


Both HB and EMP… became useless.
I am sorry for you, but i know you got alot of other good stuff and tou will manage.
I really feel sorry for the poor smuks that placed their hopes into these wepons and fot screwed… it is really unfair to them.
They have to face the Spartans without even dreaming of wining now.
Tell me, mate, did you come across any energy/heat builds that can takle you?


For elec It been ages mate. Dates back before claw era. Jo.
For heat everyday. Wep and Metre. Ong heat build is also something tough.
Rovo before i finished my anti heat.

I fear weps heat more than wlmg 3000hp phys to be honest.


I wasted a lot of time mything two emps, not only the time thing I also found this to be quite disheartening.

Strike one.

No emoj.


emps are still useful

but maybe not as cost-efficient and effective as it used to be

im still able to beat half of the 500nrgcap phys mechs b/c of it


Isn’t that kind of like telling an amputee that they should be happy with their remaining limb, because its still useful. :laughing:


Lmao… alrho is a grim representation of it…
"Timmy you wont ride the bike again… but you can still hopschock"
That was grimm… sorry.


yup :smiley:

theres quite a few emp users still, so it aint dead just yet


I am a veteran EMP user…

Can not sacrifice 3 utilities for the EMP




Mate, this thing is like 3 weeks old :joy:


When you say it like that, it does sound strange lol


I myself am a lightning scope veteran, so all is fine :slight_smile: