Range and Weight Update


Hi guys,do you like this update?

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Well, i have two emp’s, but dont use them, so whatever, my energy build already has a strong base, so to me emp dont really matter, i just think unfair put a simple sideweapon to 70kg, i think is a bit too much…


This whole thing has me wondering…does SM have test server?
Cause it would seem to me that a lot of this would be soled by having tested by volunteer testers before SM rolls out these poorly thought out components.

As for EMP’s weight at 75 Kg it is not heaviest weapon, Mercy is at 84 Kg and Spartan Carnage is no slouch at 79. From my position electric mechs were OP (for me) before EMP can on the scene i would win 1 in 6 matches against electrics, after EMP I won not a match.

I see quite a bit of people saying that Terror Cry and Repulser are solution to no push back stomps from the claw, Both weapons are range 2 to 4 which is no help to point blank combat. Though honestly who want to point blank two Annihilations .

As for tiny weight savings the Heat mechs got meh…heat mechs needed weapons in 2 to 4 range with push back and 4 to 6 with pull. Though weigh saving are welcomed though my heat mech actually got heavier.


tbh i wish they would of done something more to up heat… all most heat mechs can do now is fit an extra module (if they didn’t or a charge mod…
nothing special…
also my emp build is somehow still being able to go to campaign right now even tho it’s overweight (cause of emp)… i still havent went to the workshop


someone knows the weight of the abomination? after this uppdate


There is a test server and testers acually. lol


66 weight
the weight reduction wasn’t as good as it seemed… 20-30 weight only allows some mods like 2 cooling booster… hook and teleport… maybe charge module…
is not as helpful as it seemed…


So, this update alone, has made me very displeased with the game, I had a simple claw energy mech that without claw’s knockback was barely able to work, I admit the stomp damage was dumb, and it left much to be desired, but why would you mess up the knockback, lower the hp but for christs sake return the knockback.


Even my co-worker hates this He accidentally saw me playing this on a cellphone back at work, now he’s Rank 12


I am extremely angry, tasticsoft team did bad work, really inconsistent
since update you have a lot of fault
since 6 years I’m here, really never seen that

i worked my mechs and i paid tokens

not claw, bunker, module, resistance, all legendary types nothing

if you really do not like French, you have to say huh?

go do (beep)


Cest rare de te voir en colere Gros.


Ragnarok has come to SM
I lost nice build which worked sometimes even against premium items,
for my mech with no premium weapons.

Now i can’t use heat bombs which were only hope.

After you weight buff i’m overweighted, thx.
Changed heat bombs with which no one had problem.

@Sarah247 Really i read all on forum, and not even once i saw complain about heat bombs…
…(Sarcasm) so why not nerf it… :boom: :crying_cat_face:

I even read that heat bombs are suicide weapons…
mostly you overheat yourself using it, so it was very strategic use weapon from this reason…
I used them as my main strategy 2x HB.

I wait now for complain about Heat bombs nonsence nerf.


My personal thoughts on the update and what slight changes should be made:

EMP: The EMP needed a nerf, yes. But I think even 70 is quite much. I acknowlegde the fact that it was supposed to be 75kgs and I still recommend 59kg. I also think the energy damage should decrease a little more slightly, from 15% to maybe 19% reduction.

Claw: The claw with no knockback certainly shows the true reason the Claw was made for and I think it’s a reasonable addition. But I recommend adding at least 60 more damage on the Stomp of the claw and keep the weight the same.

Heat Weapons Weight: I think this is a small buff and is on the right track. No complaints, no arguments and no reason to be mad at this. Good buff.

Heat Bomb: The heat bomb weight increase was understandable. I recommend a slight decrease in the weight of around 9 kgs and at the same time reduce the heat damage by 11%.


But Why The Emp Its Energy Damage Reduced To 180 Damage But To Use It It Need 200 Energy And Its Weight Has Been Increased


my other 2 heats after “the weight reduction” are now too heavy x3


your build was my favorite it was very cool to see your replays :3 but I suppose that now you can have the same builds no?


Me …:thinking:?


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So while 70kg seems like an unreasonable amount for the EMP, it is also hard to see how this item, working as intended, is fun. Because of how energy and heat work differently, being shut down is generally not a permanent state (the heater will need to cooldown themselves at some point) but being energy broken often is (since the energy mech can just pile on the energy damage without wasting actions to regen.

So I wonder if the EMP doesn’t need a complete reimagining as a weapon that primarily does massive regen damage to both mechs, while doing fairly standard energy damage.


unlucky you
i only lost 17 weight lol