Range and Weight Update


I hate what they did with the emp they made my life more difficult :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I called it a lazy ass diet on kong lol

So eh, take it as you wish mate


Being immobile, Claw shouldn’t have been able to stomp in the first place


It shouldn’t of been able to even by utilities, but it was still capable.

These devs really should just remove it at this point and implement something that actually has some ounce of sense behind it.


TP for Claw makes sense, but how does a little jet engine (charge) move something that appears to be anchored to the ground


How does a little jet engine move anything with legs and wheels/tracks?

There’s really no logic behind this games mechanics. I guess that’s why they can get away with allowing claw to ‘move’. But still, when I first saw the claw added.

I had imagined it was meant to stay anchored to the ground, being unmovable by both your own utilities/weapons and your enemies. (Hence why I dubbed it the fortress legs). Let’s say my disappointment towards it only grows the more I use it/see it.


Let me tell ya somethin



awnser for me

Because it maybe flys a litle (Idiotic logic)


Oh now you added this on SM eh?

Let’s see how everyone on SM judges


can you just imagine the sound of those spikes from the claw charging in?



There’s this uh, anime I guess, that has a crab like tank similiar to claws. When it’s charging at an enemy, it makes the most disturbing sounding sounds (I find it badass) others seem to disagree. That’s what I imagine it’d be like LOL


Lets say sharp nails on a board.

Or a fork and a plate.

But here we have claws on steel >.>


It’s weird, but I kinda want that as it’s sound effect. Solely because I find it badass (and a bit intimidating). Claw is a beastly set of “legs”. Makes sense, at least in my mind


Not yet the time …
To say it…


WIth the claw changed war hammer might have a use…


Yep… fussion food.
I can alredy see it… in its all wonder… beeing used to transform or buff wepons all over the game.
Who in the phis world needs a 3 knkckback wepon… when they have anihilation to bam bam away at range 1?


Somebody who wants 860 hp legs.
Do want the claw to break the game?


Claw didnt breack the game…
Myth plates did.
1 myth plate = 2 epic.
That in the end of the 8 mdules, equald… more modules slots for myth plates users.
Basicly, it is enough to put 2 myth plates… and have 6 modules slots to play with.
Put energy, on them… you beat energy.
Put heat on them… you beat heat.
Think it out.
Claw made builds that could chalange myth plates…
Now Claw is useless withou other premium wepons… lack of knock back.


I have been playing this game for half a year and I can say that I do not like the heat strategy. It’s a strategy for lammer who only overcame a teammate and then are still on the move. It is incomprehensible to me that you are talking about stupidity about category equanimity.
First, let’s remember that the category would be scored if the energy could not be played anymore. But you can … you have a hill of weapons that do not need energy. While you overheat, you do not even have the chance to change your mech, but you have to scandalize how the lammer will destroy him with two good weapons. This could really have been an idiot developer, and I’m surprised that nobody has ever heard of and protested.
Perhaps it would be really good to set up an algorithm in the game that controls how many special weapons a player has won. I’ve been playing for 7 months and I’ve decided for physic and energy and so far I’ve got backreaper and heat axes in EMP and heat bomb.
No special weapons can not get over the rank4 it took. So I made a setup for the energy mecha with EMP today and I have to rebuild it today and take it away because I do not have two energy mosses. The special object allocation system is so distracted that a beginner who plays for two months gets more items than the one who plays over half a year. This greater probability could be programmed in Basic on ZX Spectre. It’s tragic and lame.
Also, the selection of opponents in the arena should work, current rank and star plus minus 2, but the sloppy server selects a player who is ranked better than me and accompanies my drop by 6 stars.
Developer money and tactic staff - Boys do not believe you play enough games for the game. But taking the players on the rewards, just because you want to buy tokens really come to me as unfair. Primarily because there were a lot more epics and rare items, but also because the players are advertising and creating and motivating clans that you are demotivating. It’s your shame.
And finally, do something with co-pilots and thieves and passwords and stop the problem before shaking your head in the sand. We are already irritating to warn you and wait for the answer to be yours. Yes, it is difficult to see and remove such a player, but it is your dog’s duty to do it.


wow… whale then

This text will be blurred


sorry what fo you mean by this? :smile: