Range and Weight Update


U dont need more than 2 tho…


The weight lost is ok but not enough to make a major difference… 3 kg on reckoning … common…

But it’s at least something in the good direction… ( heat wise)


Because of HB on my heater I ended up with a weight decrease from 1000kg

…to 1000kg
But I either had to rebuild it a bit as it uses the claw…


You aint at 1000kg anymore. Rvenge of the OCD eheh


would like to suggest a motion to make the emp drain cost the same as its use cost

cuz right now it just doesn’t make sense to use it


I lost a whole 2 KG from my heat mech.


I know many chicks thatd be satisfied with that…


Meanwhile my energy mech lives on.

No severe changes , just -1 plate.


Lol. That was quite the statement… did you take it out for a test?


Not yet , i dont do more than 5 fights cause arena privelege.

But if you wanna come on for a 1/1 im down , meet me top ranks bb


Shet is about to get real. Down i am


So let’s see who enjoyed this update.

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I kinda enjoyed it cause they just Finaly gived heat some love.


I just wasted your pole voting 10… eheh


Curse this update lol




Only enjoyable thing to come from this update is the decent heat weight diet. (or lack of).

I’m actually annoyed for EMP users because of that 70kg weight. Oh well hopefully it’s rectified at some point.


Lol i am pissed too.
Since i want to put turbo in it.

I got 1001/1000 kg.

Fuq that.

I wonder why?


I have no idea. And now im sorry.


This weight change has made my perfect 1000/1000 kg into 1040/1000 kgs. I even used the energy hook to make it the perfect 1000 but now everything is messed up


1-2 kg diet isn’t called a diet



Sounds like we need another feedbadck.