Range and Weight Update


I think I’m gonna go back to hoping for beasts at this point. Claws usefulness for me just ran out.

I haven’t even bothered finishing my five. I’m tired of these shitty “balance” updates. Would’ve been happy with just a weight/hp nerf or hell a stomp dmg nerf while keeping the KB.

@L4K3 this is great for heats, I’m actually tempted to go back since I’ve parts still. But claw for anyone is useless now.


The Claw stomp hits like a fart now… :joy::joy::joy:


Well,it’s lighter (tho I doubt that’ll offer any advantage) and has the same health.It’s still useful but not overly powerful now.
This has diminished the gap between those who have it and those who don’t a little bit.


This is actually a terrible nerf. Because it’s stomp damage was never an issue, the issue was the fact it allowed you to pack more energy/heat/hp mods while increasing your HP beyond that of iron boots. (be it unmovable), it still provided a massive advantage.

They nerfed the wrong aspect of it is what I’m saying. Stomp Damage/Kb won’t get over the fact it’s still 860 HP.

Instead they should’ve given it less hp/more weight. Oh well, was nice while it lasted.


You mean these ones?


Unfortunately I am missing that Crimson Rapture you have… :sweat_smile:


I bet you would laugh too if your favorite weapon was nerfed right? :wink:


Just loged in. Dealt some 23dmg with stomp. Thats not very sweet.


God that’s painful to hear about…

campaign only Claw now anyone? lmfao


Oh, TS can do that.
I have one heat mech, one energy mech and currently a physical mech for the third one in building.
So no matter what TS nerfs and what TS buffs I would still benefit and lose at the same time.
Hence it isn’t that hard for me to get a nerf on any item.

The two keys to success:
Diversity and Adaptability


Got to love the copy paste of Mohadib’s text on the welcom screen…


lmao, my heater was exactly 1000kg and it’s still 1000kg

  1. Good initiative. But 70kg is too much.
  2. Why not.
  3. Yes, yes, yes. Fire mech is too weak compared to Physics and especially Energy.
  4. Yes. Ideal weight. EMP must be at 60 kg I think


Welp , there goes my energy mech , time to find a way around it…


Why did this happen while I was away?! Couldn’t you wait for me?! :sob::sob::sob:


heat Mechs:
Dev Paws - 121->119
Clash – 45->43
Supreme Cannon – 70->66
Desolation – 69->66
Reckoning – 89->86
= - 14kg
where the promised 20-30kg?


His wording there is vague. But most PURE heat mechs, which I assume are actual boilers (not dps heaters) are the ones gaining the most from this.

Regardless, 20/30 is not the case even with those types of builds. Would be nice if they actually did the math/testing prior to dropping weights/nerfing items.



Well, 20-30 kg is the theoretically possible average range I think.

The highest theoretical reduction would be:

4 Crimson Raptures: 58 -> 52 * 4 = -24 kg
2 Savageries: 55 -> 51 * 2 = -8 kg
Flame Hook: 17 -> 16 = -1 kg
Heat Drone: -2 kg (every drone)
Heat legs: -2 kg (either of the two legs is the same)

Highest possible weight reduction: -37 kg


maximum 1

and 0 moduls?


I just mentioned the theoretical maximum reduction possible.
Of course I know that that mech setup would be insane.
But still theoretically possible.

Btw. is there a limit to how many Crimsons you can equip on a mech aside from the amount of 4 from the amount of side weapons?